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Ms Cristine Gonzales

Arts Teacher

Bachelor of Science Major in Tourism  


Cristine Gonzales is a Mixed Media Artist, a Bachelor of Science major in Tourism graduate. She is from the Philippines and a Permanent Resident in Singapore for 15yrs. She loves art during her younger days but she only got the opportunity to explore her art talent in 2016. After she won as a first placer in one of the art competition here in Singapore she started to join group art exhibitions for more experience and exposure. Cristine develops her skills self taught while watching youtube and experimenting different art media/tools to produce an eye catching artworks. She can do acrylic painting, sketching, watercolor,  clay arts, stained glass arts, dimentional weaving and other arts and crafts. Later on she decided to upgrade herself and enrolled to short courses like Oil painting and Chinese Ink painting. Her handpainted bags and paintings on canvases went internationally like USA, Australia, Spain, Ireland, France, Qatar, Canada and Philippines. She is now an Art Enrichment teacher sharing her gained knowledge, creativity and very own experience to other children. For her, we can learn from our own talent, and have our own unique style and it’s also good if we study arts in school so that we can learn more techniques from mentors and to get an art degree.

Top 5 Artists In ACC 2017
(Top 1 Highest garnered of votes)
@Singapore Artist

Top 3 House Painting Competition 2020
@CS Liew, House Owner Singapore 

Outstanding Coaching Award 2020
Nanyang Artist Society Singapore 

Best 5 Entry Award:Edition March 2022
Beauty In My Eyes Series by Cristine
“Spandan Int’l Award For Excellence In Art”
Spandan Global Art & Cultural Foundation, Goa, India
Singapore Group Art Exhibits Attended;

1st Group Art Exhibit, 2017
@Visual Arts Centre Singapore

2nd Group Art Exhibit, 2018
Christmas Pop-Up by Tatinis
@The Garden Slug

3rd Group Art Exhibit, 2018
@School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA)

4th Group Art Exhibit, 2019
Chinese Painting by Artist Singapore
@Goodman Arts Centre Singapore

5th Group Art Exhibit, 2022 (February)
Spandan International Online Art Exhibition 
Spandan Globart Art & Cultural Fdn, Goa, India

6th Group Art Exhibit, 2022 (March)
Spandan International Online Art Exhibition 
Spandan Globart Art & Cultural Fdn, Goa, India

Solo Online Art Exhibit , 2021
Dimentional Weaving Arts By Cristine
@Ballota Park Condominium 

Guest speaker on OFE
(Overseas Filipino Entrepreneurs)
“The Colorful World of Cristine” 
Cristine Gonzales - Art Journey 
Date: March 17, 2022
Featured at Arts In Me
(Migrant Writers in Singapore)

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